About Us

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At Brown Couch Marketing, we aim to work smarter to provide you with the best results possible.


Let us analyze your niche and company to bring efficiency and increased revenue. Depending on what your company's goal is, we will provide a solution to help get you to the finish line of your goals. 

Brown Couch Marketing began out of the realization that there was a gap in the expertise of the Instagram platform for marketing effectively. Then, the organization grew to work on web design, content writing, and more.

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Brown Couch Marketing is a strange name, no doubt. Despite how random it may sound, there is a reason. 

The name came about when the creator, Angela Reinbacher, was thinking about the lack of importance of the name of a company. While the name isn't totally irrelevant, it is the least important attribute of the organization.  

Therefore, when the name was created, Angela and a friend looked around a room and said "The name is so unimportant we may as well call it 'Brown Couch,' and Brown Couch Marketing was created.

Why The Name?

If the name of an organization doesn't matter, then what does? 

Think of large organizations you know: Nike, Amazon, Lowes, etc. Do these names make sense without knowing details about the company? 

Brown Couch Marketing's idea is that what matters is what you're selling, how easily a person can find your product or services, and how much the product or service solves a problem. Then, once you have people who are interested in what you're selling, then they'll remember your name. Therefore, the marketing comes first, and the brand recognition will begin to build - no matter your name.

The Founder, Angela Reinbacher


Angela Reinbacher founded Brown Couch Marketing in early 2019 after a cross country move. Upon moving to Colorado she saw the need for modern marketing that combined creativity with effectiveness. 

Angela continually searches for new methods of success as society and algorithms continually change. 

With previous B2B experience, Angela puts the clients first as she understands what organizations need and want in regard to growing their business. Therefore, she is dedicated to providing top services and free resources.